The first and ‘original’ Chianti Classico was produced in the oldest wine-making area of Chianti and has more selective and diverse characteristics. In 1996 this led to the creation of an autonomous DOCG with respect to that of Chianti wine.

The first and "original" Chianti Classico!

The excellence of Tuscan wines, a quality comes from the history of this area and is guaranteed by the Gallo Nero, the traditional rooster symbol of the Lega del Chianti that stands for the originality and specific quality of this wine.

Chianti Classico is the result of a number of basic prerequisites. The zone of production to the ampelographical base, where Sangiovese is the protagonist, its organoleptic features (ruby colour, bouquet with overtones of violet and red fruits, dry taste, harmonious, soft and velvety and a good tannicity that refines with time), to key productive details, such as grapes per hectare, a particular prerequisite for the process of vinification and bottling only allowed within this area of production.

Release for consumption is only authorised from 1 October following the harvest.