The primary objective of Le Chiantigiane has always been the pursuit of quality, understood as the full satisfaction of our clients, and as an essential precondition for the progressive growth of the consortium.

The consortium was born from the enduring relation between man and the land, from man’s strong bond with the territory, from which seeks recognition and enhancement.

The primary objective is the pursuit of quality

For this reason techniques and vines are monitored with passion and expertise by our member winegrowers who are supported by enologists and agronomists from the vine through to the finished product, created and prepared for sale using the most up-to-date technology.

Aware of operating in a particularly critical sector for consumer safety and protection, Le Chiantigiane places special emphasis on legal conditions and regulations, introducing and applying internationally recognised norms on quality.
Tradition is our starting point, and innovation is what takes us forward in a steady drive for development.