Geggiano lies in the heart of the Siena hills, an area of excellence for Chianti Classico. Le Chiantigiane has chosen this winery to produce a very high quality wine. Legend has it that Dionysus, the god of wine, chose the hills around Siena as the ideal location to plant vines and grow Sangiovese grapes. He was accompanied by a godess who fell in love with the place and gave the rows her splendid image in the form of a butterfly wing.

This gave us Chianti Classico that harmonises a history rich in poetry and evocative of the past with the excellent quality of the wine produced in this area.

The steep slopes of stony terrain with galestro, are ideal for the production of a high-quality product, obtained from 25 hectares of low-production vineyard, around 60 quintals of grapes per hectare, cultivated using the spurred cordon system.

The grapes are harvested towards the end of September, so that they can reach maximum phenolic and sugar maturation and the sweet tannins give the wine softness. Chianti Classico is the product that par excellence represents this are and the fruit of the vines ad ‘butterfly wing’ found in the hills of the Siena’s Chianti.

The surrounding countryside is stunningly beautiful and the vineyard with its ‘butterfly-wing’ shape looks towards Piazza del Campo, in the heart of the medieval city of Siena, summing up the poetry of our Chianti Classico DOCG.

At the nearby Certosa di Geggiano Pontignano, the Chianti countryside is at its least harsh and its rich gardens mark a union between architectural form and nature, emphasizing the harmony between man and nature that, one of the principles of the life of Carthusian monks.

When Dionysus descended down to Earth
to plant vines to obtain wine
flew in couple with a winged Goddess
gliding smoothly on a slope.
He came in the evening, the stars already in the sky
the Goddess so tired for the great journey
fell asleep under the pretty wings
in the sky the moon shone white.
When the first ray of sunshine came out
the winged goddess did not resume the flight
wanted to stay there ceased her journey
in the land that God gave her.
Dionysus planted the vineyard right there,
Sangiovese to make red wine
to make vinsanto yellow Malvasia
and from that day the vineyard was renamed,
it is called wing butterfly vine …

Beppe Semboloni