This historical winery in the Florentine countryside, is one of the oldest wineries in Tuscany. In the Medieval period it belonged to the monks of the Certosa di Firenze who cultivated the land.

Over the centuries specialised olive groves and vineyards were planted and from then the winery has remained virtually unchanged. After World War II in 1952 the winery enjoyed new impetus when it planted the first specialized vines in Tuscany. This marks a new productive stimulus for di Montagnana, specializing in the cultivation of vines and in the production of wine with excellent results.

In 1972 the employees took on the property, giving life to one of the first cooperative winemaking ventures in Tuscany.

Thus one began to manage the entire productive chain/sequence, giving new impetus to the winery, that down the years has known how to continuously renew itself. The terrain is particularly suited to the cultivation of vines and the meticulous work of experts means that the grapes, and their wines, are the result of an age-old tradition but using modern techniques, leading to excellent quality.