Chianti Governato Montagnana


AREA OF ORIGIN: Vineyards owned by our associated producers exclusively selected among those situated on the hills surrounding Siena in vines that have a small yield per hectare.
GRAPE VARIETIES: Sangiovese toscano and Canaiolo nero.
GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS: His wine is a particularly suitable accompaniment to risotto, pasta, game, grilled meat and mature cheeses.
SERVING TEMPERATURE: Serve at a temperature of 18°-20° C.
WINEMAKING: Selected crushed Chianti grapes, which had been left to dry on the vines, are added towards the end of the fermentation process into a well balanced Chianti wine. This oenological practice called Governato gives the wine a particular structure and refinement. In fact, the addition of these overripe grapes leads to a further release of sweet, noble polyphenols into the must-wine, an increase in the alcoholic strength, 13%vol., and a remarkable increase in extracts, glycerine and smoothness. This second fermentation is carried out at controlled temperature in order to prolong the time during which the grapes’ colouring substance and flavour are released, to obtain a more fruity wine with long-lasting organoleptic and taste characteristics. After the second fermentation, Chianti Governato is decanted and malolactic bacteria are added for the fermentation which will give the wine an even better-balanced taste. Then, the wine is left to improve on noble dregs, so that the degradation produced by the yeasts will give the final product a smoother character.
BOTTLE: “Nobile” Burgundy 750 ml
CAPSULE: Bordeaux-gold PVC
Chianti Governato originate from a wine-making technique used in Tuscany a long time ago that our consortium of producers wished to re-create, adjusting it to the international consumers’ current taste.