One of the flagships of the Chiantigiane Consortium is the Il Mustiaio winery, with its vineyards set in a stunning natural context.

The pedoclimatic environment is ideal to get the best out of the products of this area, making them unique.

The clay terrain, rich in skeleton, the natural protection of the Mediterranean scrub, sun and the influence of the sea, make this area particularly suitable for viticulture.

The vineyard has been renewed in recent years and the low density of plants per hectare, to promote a very high-quality wine, and the winery has strong links with tradition combined with planning for the future.

Le Chiantigiane has focussed on and invested in this small winery that produces a very high quality Super Tuscan (Baioscuro), a young red wine (red Cervato) and the Vermentino (Leardo), which has already earned itself a reputation.